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The New PowerBooks! March 30, 2005

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The New PowerBooks!

Tell me what you think of the PowerBook with a transparent screen!! I just picked up one the other day. What will Apple think of next???

(Okay so maybe this a little less than a new PowerBook, but the effect is still cool, no?)


Easter 2005 March 29, 2005

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This is a picture of Matt, Molly, Kelley, and me after a delightful Easter dinner at my Aunt Marcia’s house. The weekend was wonderful.

Kelley made the trek from Beantown to Philly on Saturday. That night we met up with Molly and Matt for a double date. Playing the gracious host and hostess, they cooked marinated pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes and dill and a fresh walnut and strawberry(!) salad and some red wine (well, I guess they didn’t really cook the salad or the wine 😉 Afterwards we hit up a comedy night in NE Philly where we enjoyed quite a few belly laughs. The evening was a good time had by all!

Big shouts to Matt and Molly for Kelley’s and my first “couples” exeperience: wonderful double date 🙂

You can also check out more Easter pix at http://homepage.mac.com/qecurry/Photos/PhotoAlbum21.html

D&B 2005 March 25, 2005

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D&B 2005

This is me – in a bubble 🙂

I was chillin with Molly and Matt at Dave & Buster’s down in Philly a couple of weeks ago, and Molly got a shot of me “in the bubble.” Needless to say, I was a little too big for the bubble, and besides that, I stunk at whatever video game it was. But we did have a good time down at D&B (and I was good at other video games 🙂

Molly and Matt are getting married!! I am so happy for them!!

Check out mfreyer.blogspot.com

Irony March 10, 2005

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I recently joined Bally’s Fitness, and as I was walking in today I noticed something I thought was ironic. We were all going to work out, to get fit, to burn calories. But, outside everyone was driving around for five minutes to get a parking spot close to the door so they could save thirty seconds to a minute of walking. Now, granted it is cold outside, and I can understand people not wanting to walk in the cold. But, something tells me that it isn’t a seasonal condition. 😉

Keren March 5, 2005

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Keren in NYC.