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Happy Mother’s Day! May 7, 2005

Posted by Q in Family.

I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to all the mothers out there.

The older I get the more I realize how much my mom has done for me. As a kid I appreciated what I saw her doing for me — the sacrifices and the love — but I didn’t really understand the full story (and I still don’t know the half of it). I was talking with her in the kitchen this weekend, and she was retelling some of the stories from when I was a little kid and what she did (and didn’t do) to make things happen for me. I was amazed by how oblivious I was as a kid, but she was all the while working to keep me straight, to help me get to where I am, and to prepare me for where I am going.

As much as mothers may get on our nerves, we owe a lot to them — at least I know I owe a lot to my mom. When I think back to times when I felt the most annoyed by my mom, they were invariably times when she pushed me to be the best that I could be and enabled me to excel. I truly appreciate her effort and her love.

Thanks, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!



1. CMC Blogger - July 5, 2005

Wow! It is so very nice to be appreciated. As much as we moms do for love, it is good to receive a “thank you”.
Quite honestly, you made my job as a parent easy. You always had a teachable spirit….a person open to learning and willing to change your behavior. Your sense of humor and personal confidence gave and continues to give you the ability to embrace life and all that it offers.
You are a wonderful person….if I must say so myself. I thank my God for you.
Now, let’s cut out the mushie stuff. Did you remember to ____ (fill in the blank)! 🙂
Much Love, Mom–>

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