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…too cold July 17, 2005

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This is a recent image from Picutures of Walls that I just had to share.



Realization July 17, 2005

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I read this quick three-liner and thought it was kind of cool:

real eyes
real lies

It was scribbled on a wall in one of the pictures on Pictures of Walls. I think the Pictues of Walls site is kind of cool, but I must warn: it has some graffic language and images that some may find offensive.

Go West, Young Man. July 12, 2005

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This past weekend I was out in San Francisco, California, with my college friends, the newly wed RJ and Danielle. They took me around the city and the Bay Area on my first trip to the West Coast.

I had a fabulous time! I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge, The Rock – Alcatraz (from a distance), Cable Cars, eBay, and… Apple!

The best part was getting to see RJ and D. There are two cool kats who I like hanging out with and who I missed.

RJ & D: Congrats on your marriage, and I am so happy for you! And thanks for the hospitality!! Oh, and AOMN – you two can figure it out. ;o)

Exit Row Seating July 11, 2005

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Click here to read an article regarding the emergency exit row on airplanes.

For those who don’t know, I am 6’6″. This poses significant problems in area of leg room. Thank goodness for the emergency exit row on airplanes!! I have made it my home for many of flights.

On the red-eye back from San Francisco (see my next post for pictures 🙂 to Philly I was stuck in the “regular” seats because the exit rows were all taken. I was quickly reminded why I try to show up extra early for the exits. I don’t fit – well, technically I just barely fit – in the regular seats. Needless to say I wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep.

I am sure it would be a comical sight to see me squished in the tiny seat. I should have taken a picture 🙂

Anyway, after I got home I read the article referenced above and felt vindicated – it was actually kind of ironic. (To be honest I thought about going to the exit rows when I was getting on my plane and calling out all of the people who would not meet the qualifications 🙂

Not to belittle short people, but next time you guys feel the need “leg room” on a flight, think about those of us 6’6″ and above you are truly desperate for a few more inches for our knees’ sake. Thanks.

Pittsburgh 4th of July July 5, 2005

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Happy Birthday, Matt!! July 4, 2005

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This past weekend Matt and Molly came out to my mom’s house in Pittsburgh, along with my Grandmom and me. We celebrated Matt’s Birthday in style with cook out on the back patio, some music, and a surprise visit by his grad school roommate, Obi. Matt got some nice presents (if I do say so myself :), but the one he seemed to like the most was the $2.00 wood & rubber band plane. I have to admit it is fun to play with, and I am tempted to go buy a couple for myself.

My mom went all out on the decorations – you can see Matt’s crown in the pictures and Molly’s tiara. After all, no king should be without a queen. Matt also got to take home some b-day balloons too.

I hope Matt had a good time. He sure enough looked like it 🙂

Happy 25th Birthday, Matt!

(There will be more pictures of the Pittsburgh 4th of July weekend in the next posting.)