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Chicago 2005 August 16, 2005

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This past weekend my mom and I met in Chicago to hang out and explore the touristy things about the city. I must say I was thoroughly impressed by Chicago and would love to travel back there soon (before the winter comes ;o).

We arrived Friday afternoon and decided to take a trip up to the top of John Hancock Center (thanks for the tip, Adrienne). Although it was overcast, the view was still spectacular! Afterwards we intended to check out N. Michigan, but the stores were closed so we just grabbed dinner.

Saturday we woke up early and took a morning walk around the museum campus and along Lake Shore Drive. Again, the landscaping and the view of the skyline was wonderful. We then cleaned ourselves up and took a ride on the trolley tour around the city. The neat thing about the trolley was that you can jump on and off at any of the pick up spots. We jumped off back on Magnificent Mile, went perusing through a couple of the shops, grabbed some lunch, then hoped back on for the rest of the tour. We got a nice overview of some of the history and a chance to check out most of the major landmarks/highlights about the city.

Later that afternoon we hoped off the trolley again at Navy Pier. Navy Pier is a fun place. We saw some pretty strange performers and ate junk like popcorn, roasted, caramelized nuts, and icees while we strolled the length of the pier. Joe’s Be-Bop is a great place for dinner with live jazz and blues entertainment. After Navy Pier we took a couple buses down to Buckingham Fountain to watch the light show there. We could also see the fireworks display on Navy Pier from the fountain.

Sunday we did not get up as early – at least we didn’t think so at the time. It turns out we thought it was about 11am when in reality the clock was almost 2 hours fast! So we had “more Sunday” than anticipated, which was a good thing. We went to the Museum of Science & Industry to see the Body World exhibit which, using a break through technology, showed real human bodies, “frozen” in real-life positions, dissected to show the details of our anatomy. It was very interesting (and only slightly creepy). Of course you know I had a blast at the other exhibits in the science museum as well ;o)

Alas, the inevitable: Monday was check out and flight home day. We had a great weekend! And as always, it was fun getting to chill with my mom. She is a great travel buddy :o)


Matt and Molly August 14, 2005

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After seeing their wedding last weekend, I hope that I have a daughter as beautiful and as sweet as Molly and that she is blessed with a man as wonderful as Matt.

Mr. & Mrs. Freyer August 6, 2005

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Presenting… Matt and Molly Freyer!

I had the pleasure of being at Molly and Matt wedding and August 6, 2005. It was a beautiful weekend in Omaha, NE. (My first trip to America’s Heartland 🙂 Omaha was lovely and I even got a chance to get out to the corn fields – I was looking for crop circles or something.

Anyway, back to Molly and Matt. Friday night they had a Luau at Matt’s grandfathers place after their wedding rehearsal. The luau was a ton of fun! I got to meet a lot of Matt’s & Molly’s friends about whom I’ve heard so much. Matt jokingly told me the day before that I was uninvited unless I agreed to wear a grass skirt so of course I had to oblige 🙂

Saturday’s ceremony was absolutely fabulous. Molly looked so beautiful in her wedding dress and Matt was dapper with tuxedo and a fresh cut (although we did kind of miss “the wings” 🙂 It was a short and to the point ceremony (which is not a bad thing at all). Once the vows were exchanged and the rings were placed on fingers, the priest leaned forward and whispered to the couple, “Congratulations. You’re married.” 🙂

It looked like everyone had a blast at the reception. The food was great and once again, the friends these two keep are amazing. I only knew a hand-full of people already, but I felt like I knew all of them! Then the DJ broke out with the music. It was a fun mix, and we all dance the night away (well, until 11:15pm 🙂

Sunday morning those of us who didn’t have to break out right away headed over to the Cuddigans for brunch. Matt and Molly opened some of there gifts and we all enjoyed a chill Sunday morning.

I couldn’t be more happy for those two crazy kids and their families!

Congratulations, and God bless your marriage!!

Got Dirt? August 3, 2005

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I read this in my bible study online this morning and thought I would share:

There’s a story about a group of scientists who decided that humans could do without God. So one of them looked up to God and said, “We’ve decided that we no longer need You. We have enough wisdom to clone people and do many miraculous things.”

God listened patiently and then said, “Very well, let’s have a man-making contest. We’ll do it just like I did back in the old days with Adam.” The scientists agreed, and one of them bent down and picked up a handful of dirt. God looked at him and said, “No! You have to make your own dirt!”