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Yay for New Old Friends! September 29, 2005

Posted by Q in Friends, Links, Pictures.

I recently rediscovered an old friend and it is great 🙂

Back in high school, I went to Governor’s School for Sciences. After just one month, I made some life long friendships – you wouldn’t think you could create such depth in one month… especially for high schoolers. Yet, I am still tight with some of the folks from the program.

Angie is one of my homies from that summer. She is fun, vibrant, smart, and a general pleasure to be around. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with her as much as I should. So recently we connected via IM. Come to find out she is all grown up. …well, married at least 🙂 Here’s some pics from her wedding. It’s been great catching up on old times with her (in between her study sessions for med school).

It sure is good to have wonderful friends who, even after years go by, are still your homies.



1. Angie - September 29, 2005

awww q- you are so sweet! it’s funny how much time has past since PGSS. it really feels like yesterday when in reality, it’s been over 8 years! speaking of old governor’s school friends, remember vali? he is now a writer for the new hit tv show ‘my name is earl’!! it airs on tuesdays- you should watch it!

i’ll talk to you soon- take care!

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