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Take 6 at BB King’s October 3, 2005

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Click to see more pics

(Email me to see some video clips.)

The evening was a ton of fun!

Okwui, Jenn, and I thought we were showing up early at 6:20, or so, for dinner (thank you Okwui for dinner) before the show which started at 8pm. The line was already halfway down the block when we got there. It is a good thing we showed up when we did ’cause we got pretty decent seats right on the stage left corner (in front of the speakers, but that’s okay – my hearing has started to come back now 🙂

When Take 6 came out they were amazing! At some points, it was hard to believe they were just human voices . (Check out “All Blues.”) They were on before Marcus Miller (electric bassist), but I must admit Take 6 tore the place down for me (I am a little bias). Marcus and Vinnie (that is who Okwui and I are pictured with) go head to head on the “Take 6 with Marcus Miller” video – *bangkk*!

Check out the Take 6 website to read more about the group, hear some clips, and see some official videos 😉

Big ups to Shel and Jason for tipping me to the fact that they were rolling through the East (that was birthday present enough :).

PS There is a place in the world for Scientology: If Okwui had not stopped at the Free Stress Test booths right out side BB King’s to have a 13 year old girl try and tell him about how Dianetics helps relieve the stresses of life, Jenn would not have caught the fact that Alvin was standing right out side the door (good catch Jenn!), and we would not have gotten to meet him and to take a picture 🙂



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