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School Days April 30, 2006

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I am not sure why it’s taken me so long to blog this:

I am going to Wharton! – Yippie!! 🙂

I was refraining from blogging the whole experience until I told my boss, but now I am happy to say: I am headed back to school! I told my boss and my director a couple weeks ago and the formal announcement to our department was sent out last week.

It was a pretty long journey, starting with MLT’s MBA Prep program, which is geared toward increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in MBA programs (I highly recommend contacting them if you are considering applying). I applied and was accepted in January ’05. Through the program, I worked on my business school application (GMATs, introspective analysis, essays, references, etc) pretty much all of 2005. The process was tough at times, but my couch, Couch Jackson, was very supportive and encouraging, with just the right level of finger-wagging.

In December ’05 came the true crunch time. With applications due just after Christmas, I had to buckle down. I had gotten the GMAT out of the way in May, so Dec was a month of essays. I am grateful for the volunteers from the program who read essays, made comments and corrections, etc. I am also grateful for my wonderful friends who took their time to read through my essays as well (Big ups to Desiree – she read every essay for every school! …well except Wharton, but I still got into the others 🙂 My recommenders were also fabulous. I had one who was unable to complete the recommendation. When I asked my backup, he was able to bang them out in a matter of days, saving my hide!

After pushing the “Submit” buttons, the anxiety and relief were both overwhelming. I couldn’t believe a solid year of work was done and out of my hands. I also couldn’t wait to find out what my future will be.

I had heard from some schools and was waiting to hear from others when I got the acceptance to Wharton. In that moment, the rest of the schools faded out of focus into the background. Visiting during Wharton Welcome Weekend all but solidified my decision (sending in my deposit truly solidified my decision 🙂

So it’s official, I am going to be in the 125th graduating class from the world’s first collegiate business school, established in 1881, the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

God is good.


Amazing Origami April 29, 2006

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Check out: Robert J. Lang’s Origami. It’s amazing the things he creates with folded paper! I am sure it took a million years. I am always in awe of such dedication to intricite hobbies.


(curtesy of Pogue Posts – a blog from NY Times tech author David Pogue)

Next Chapter in the Chronicles of M&M April 29, 2006

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I am up in State College, PA this weekend on my last trip to see Matt and Molly before they head back west. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know them over the years. They are a great couple. 🙂

Last night two of their friends, Matt and Whitney, came over for dinner. I like those two – another really fun and chill couple. Needless to say, there was non-stop laughter and jokes all night long. We playing a few rounds of Scattergories. I had heard of it, but that was my first time playing. Tons of fun, especially with a larger, creative group.

In other news, Matt got a new toy today: nord lead 2 virtual analog synth. It is crazy fun! We have been playing with it all morning. Matt figured out how to make it say “Yes” – it almost sounds real 🙂

Check out the action:

Well, M&M, it’s been a pleasure hanging out with you guys in State College. I look forward to visiting Omaha again this summer. 🙂 God bless!

Frolicking in Valley Forge April 27, 2006

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Had a great time yesterday after work. The weather was perfect so Adrienne and I went out to Valley Forge Park with some take out Indian food (which was half bad) and some cheap, boxed wine from the Wine & Spirits store that was next to the Indian place.

Check out the pictures of our sillyness: Frolickling in Valley Forge – Facebook

Mala K Party April 26, 2006

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My normal routine is to head up to NYC Friday after work, hang out for the weekend, then head back to Philly late afternoon on Sunday. This weekend I broke routine and stayed for Kamala Salmon’s party: the Mala K Music Album release of “H”- The Music, Vol 1. It was definitely worth the 6am train ride straight to work the next day. 🙂

The party was tight. It was held at Libation, and the turn out was pretty impressive – especially for a first party and on a Sunday night. There were performances from the voices on the album, including Kelley Nicole, Soulfege, and Shu.

Nuff respects to Kamala for a good time and great music. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all my friends. They are so talented, and (as my mom would say) they do me proud.

For more info, check out the website: www.malakmusic.com

Gotta love a marathon …and Keren (gotta love ’em both :) April 26, 2006

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This past weekend, I took a trip to NYC – surprise, surprise 🙂

It was my friend Keren’s b-day last week, so she had a nice get together at a local bar (well, a couple local bars – we did some hopping). I figured I would come up for the weekend for her party, especially cause I missed the festivities last year. I had a good time and met some more of her friends.

I like hanging out with Keren. She is a good person all around. This weekend was rainy and there was a Godfather marathon on AMC, so we were chillin for the most part catching various parts of the series, on and off, and piecing together the rest from memory.

Yay, Keren. Happy Birthday again.

Hanging with Matt, Mo, and Casey April 15, 2006

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For St. Patty’s Day (hey, I’ve never professed to being timely with
the post, okay?) I took a quick drive up to State College, PA to hang
out with my favorite newly weds. I was pleasantly surprises to find
out Casey was there the same weekend.

The four of us had a good time. Matt and Molly throw a Party that
Friday night with some of their friends from PSU. As always everyone
enjoyed themselves.

I am so excited for M&M! They are headed back West … well Midwest, but still. =) I am going to miss hanging out with them when they go to Omaha. But, they are going to have a wonderful time back in their home state. (And I can always come stay at their house… HOUSE!! …when I come visit)

Yay Matt and Molly!! Congrats!