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“Chick Lit” Mashup May 2, 2006

Posted by Q in Links, Random.

I feel a little bad for this Harvard* girl:

Publisher Drops Book Deal With ‘Opal’ Author

As my friend RJ put it, “She’s a little ahead of her time.” All she really did was a creative chick lit mashup. She took the best parts of a couple books, flipped them, and made them her own, made them something new. From what I understand, she did it with finesse too. According to RJ, authors should be able to “clear samples” and remix old text. I like his idea. She’s like the Kanye West of teenage women’s literature.

Down with those pesky little copyrights!!

haha 🙂


*I feel the adboard would love for her to take this same approach on a final paper.



1. RJ - May 3, 2006

Thanks for the shoutout. The invoice for my intellectual property is in the mail 🙂

2. DMB - May 3, 2006

I admit I feel kinda bad for her too. But even if it is the ‘packaging company’ who’s to blame. . .she should have checked that mess before she slapped her name and image all over it.

I wonder if every TF is going to check her papers with a teeny toothed comb now. Yeesh.

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