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Exercise does a mind good too :) June 18, 2006

Posted by Q in Random.

So while it’s obvious exercise is good for a body, i’ve noticed that it’s effected my attitude as well.

One of my goals in getting into shape is to improve my endurance. When I fatigue while running I like to pick a point a little bit beyond where I would like to rest and push myself to that point. If I get there and still have something left in me, I repeat the processes until I can’t really go any further. Then I may walk to jog slowly for a bit and do it again.

That same drive, or mental toughness, helps me to push to accomplish tasks that are mentally draining as well. I’ve noticed myself saying, “Well, you can get one or two more tasks done before you take a break.”

The mental byproduct of exercise surprised me.



1. DMB - June 19, 2006

I find that I am a generally more agreeable person when I have done some exercise the day before. As in, I don’t start to wake up in the morning and go, ‘Aw crud, gotta go to work AGAIN?! That’s bull’. It also helps me sleep better. I like the sleeping.

Exercise: I approve.

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