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Congratulation Matt and Molly (again :) August 1, 2006

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Matt and Molly are almost official grownups! They’ve completed 3 of
the 4 steps: married, got a good job, and they have a house!!! (now
you just need some kids to complete the picture 😉

Their house is wonderful. I was out in NE visiting them a couple
weekends ago. One of the coolest things is the pool in the back. I
tend to see it as a pool with a house in the front yard 🙂 The layout of the place is great – plenty of space. Matt even has his own room for a recording studio. It’s definitely a 30-year keeper house.

I had the distinct honor of being their first house guest. While I was out there several other friends rolled through for a bbq and pool party. We also took a trip to see the state capitol building.

Another great trip to the Midwest.

Thanks again, Matt and Molly for a fabulous time, and congrats on your new place.



Small Town Decompression August 1, 2006

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This past July I visit my special friend in Ironwood, a small, mining
town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (aka Superior). Adrienne and
I had a fabulous time. Everyday we made it to at least one beach (on
Lake Superior) or body of water .

For those who don’t know, Lake Superior is absolutely gorgeous – and
as cold as it is beautiful. But that did to stop me from going in
(well once it did, but after the first time I jumped right in 🙂 The
weekend before I came they experienced some really cold weather (for
July) so I packed some longer, heavier clothes. The weekend I show
up? Record heat! So jumping in the cold lake felt even better.

We also went camping the Porcupine Mountains. We did have a cabin so
it wasn’t totally roughing it, but for me, it was a new experience. I
enjoyed it. We went canoeing in a small pond too. The hike was not
very strenuous, but the woods were lovely (less the biting flies).

We also visited some places in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We stayed in
Bayfield, WI, a quant beach town with nice B&B’s and a very laid back
attitude. Then went onto Minneapolis (I flew in and of MSP).

It was my first time to all of these places. I thoroughly enjoyed
myself. They were not the speed I would like to live my life, but
they were a welcome and decompressing break from the normal. I looked
at my cellphone 3 times and checked email once every other day or
so. I don’t even think I was carrying ID for half the trip (well,
for the parts when we went to beach and played in the woods). It was
great to feel like I could escape reality completely, albeit

I would love to go back and visit the North Woods again.

Check out pictures of my trip on my photo blog.


tinsimup – blup.

Move over Diddy August 1, 2006

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In my mom’s spare time she has been taking classes to perfect her radio voice for voiceover acting and commercials. Check out my mom’s spot advocating voter participation: Constance Marie.

I admire my mom for not settling for a boring life. She stays active – always with a fun activity planned: golf, acting/voice lessons, poetry.

Go Mom!