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Chi-town Christmases November 30, 2006

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I’ve only been to Chicago a few times, but I’ve enjoyed the city each time. It’s definitely a city I would consider living in.

The Chi just got an extra point in it’s favor when I came across this post on a Chicago-lover’s blog (via Apartment Therapy) . Apparently, each year they dress up an L train with Christmas decorations and send it around different train lines. You can hop on the train, ride around the downtown loop, and get off where you got on. Sounds like fun Christmas spirit 🙂


Here’s a pic from the blog site/Flickr post:

Christmas Train


Thanksgiving ’06 (…time is a lime!) November 28, 2006

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Adrienne and I had a great Thanksgiving in Philly.

It was a pretty simple meal: semi-home-cooked. We ordered a rotisserie chicken (turkey was too much to deal with) and some yams, which we dressed up with some marshmallows :). We whipped up some stuffing, green beans, and mashed potatoes; heated some baked macaroni (compliments of my mom – thanks! 😉 ); made some gravy; and opened a can of cranberry sauce to finish it off. All in all, a pretty simple yet complete Thanksgiving meal. (…and yes, WE did do it all – I did more than just open the cranberry sauce! 🙂 )

With all the food, we managed to stuff ourselves until our stomachs looked like Buddha statues. We had to let all of it digest for a bit before diving into the lemon cake.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Check out some of the pictures below:

DinnerThe SpreadStuffedDouble Stuffed

Re: I like new things :) November 27, 2006

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…so after all that talk about, “So i can obsess without true temptation,” I ended up buying an unlocked Razr! Ha!

Yeah, decided I did want to give into temptation – and if I was going to give in, now was the time before prices go up for Christmas. The phone has shipped; now I must axiously await delivery sometime within the next 4-6 business days 🙂


I like new things :) November 18, 2006

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…hence the new blog site (btw, I haven’t decided for sure whether to keep it or stay with blogger).

Along the same lines, right now I am fighting the urge to buy a new cell phone. I know the RAZR is not the new thing on the block, but i am still drawn to the design. I had my chance to get it for free before and opted for the Sony Ericsson. I like my phone mind you (i’ve had it for a few months). However, I think i just needed a new obsession.

So, yesterday I was hanging out with Okwui and we stopped by a T-Mobile store. The focus of my obsession was instantly switched to the Blackberry Pearl. 🙂 Between the size and the Blackberry features I was infatuated.

The good news is that I can’t afford Blackberry service and I don’t want to switch to T-Mobile. So i can obsess without true temptation (although the RAZR is still out there on Ebay 😉 )

Semper Fi November 1, 2006

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God bless the men and women who serve our country.

I got a glimpse into the lives of our Marines in training during a Leadership Venture to Officer Candidate School in September. Wharton sent a group of us down to Quantico, VA, to experience some of the leadership-building exercises the Marines put their officer candidates through.

We were given a presentation about the structure of the OCS program (they promised they were not trying to recruit us). The 10-week program is intense and almost brutal – yet somehow attractive. At the end of the presentation they invite the Gunnery Sergeants to join us. That’s when the fun began.

We experienced a night of yelling, confusion, and a lot of unintelligible “english.” I had a blast! We were told how to do everything from walking to standing to making our “racks” (beds) to how to sleep in them (though no one really paid attention to that one). I was even assigned and hour during night watch. When the morning time came (notice i didn’t say when the sun came up), we were woken up with yelling and excitement. We then striped our beds and marched across the complex to eat breakfast. The sun still had about 1.5 more hours to sleep before it came up.

During the next day, we went through two of the Marines’ training courses. The first was the Leadership Reaction Course. The LRC was a collection of puzzles which require both mental and physical exercise. For example, our first one was involved crossing a river (represented by a pool of water) to retrieve a barrel of supplies. The constraints on where we could step, what we could touch, and what resources we could use made this puzzles complex. Each person on our group was chosen as the leader for one of the puzzles. We successfully completed zero out of the five we tried. However, we had fun on all of them. Oh, and we learned something about ourselves too 🙂

After the LRC, we grabbed some MRE’s for lunch. The Meals Ready to Eat were better than I expected (then again, I was only eating them for one meal so the novelty – and hunger – may have been just the right seasoning). I had some chicken and rice with crackers & jam followed by carrot cake.

Now for the real challenge. We completed the big obstacle course in the afternoon. I must say, I don’t remember ever being so sore after any one two-hour event in my life. We climbed walls, walked across roped and logs with 20ft drops below, scaled muddy hills (thanks to the fresh rain two days before), waded through mud, slid under barbed wire, and swam in pretty chilly water (although after Ironwood, “cold water” has new meaning to me). We did all of this while caring our replica, to scale and weight, rifles.

My favorite part was the Quigley (pictured to the right). We got down on our bellies and slide through this pond/swamp-like portion of the course while holding our riffles above the water. At certain point we had to slide under logs and through submerged sewer pipes (no real sewage of course).

At the end of the day a hot shower never felt so go. We were covered form head to toe in mud and dirt. I am still not sure how that much dirt got into some place 🙂 It was a good thing I brought cloths I didn’t mind throwing away. We washed up, changed, and had a nice reception with hor d’overs and an open bar.

When I got back to Philly I wanted to do it all over again. I wanted to go out and accomplish great things. I wanted to apply want I learned. I wanted to prove my mental and physical toughness. But, what I truly want most of all was to go to sleep.