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What happens in Japan… March 14, 2007

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…gets catalogued here on my blog 🙂 (…well, most of it 😉 )

Q in Japan

As it stands I am still jetlagged from our Japan Trek over spring break. About 90 Wharton students (inc partners) and 11 organizers (all Wharton students as well) to a trip all around Japan. It was a truly amazing experience – like nothing I’ve experienced before.

I tried to jot some notes down about each day while I was over there. I’ll be posting those (after I fill in some more memories) in the next couple days. I also took a lot of pictures …until my camera broke!! 😦 My friends took a lot of good pictures though, so i will post links to my friends as well as my own pictures shortly as well.

It’s good to be back, but I miss Japan. You just might see some more posts from Japan one of these days soon 😉



Is it really March already? March 14, 2007

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My posting has hit a pretty sad slump. Sorry about that.

So lets see what happened in January and Feb? I guess the biggest news is that I landed a summer internship! I’ll be on Wall Street, in a Sales & Trading role (not certain about sales v. trading or exactly which product desk yet, but I do have my preferences so far).

Recruiting was a long process, which started in Oct and ending at the beginning of February. After many months of courting and a week of interviews, I am happy to be going to a firm I really like (yeah, I am not posting the name on purpose).

In fact, yesterday five MD’s came down to have dinner with the four other S&T summer associates from Wharton and one of the direct placements who is going into hedge fund development (also in my class). It reenforced my believe that I made the correct decision.

With the recruiting wrapped up, I now have a little more time for Q 🙂 …hence my return.


PS I bet you’re wondering where I was for the month of Feb, since recruiting was over. Well, I had to catch up in class for the month of January. 😉