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Day 1 – Trains, Planes and Automobiles (12/27/07) January 13, 2008

Posted by Q in Friends, Travel, Wharton.

The flight over to London was smooth but 1hr late, which gave us a close connection in Heathrow. We ran through terminal to make the next leg to Milan, but it was the wrong terminal! So we turned around and ran through another. In the end all the running was just to hurry up and sit for 20 mins at the correct gate. Turns out our flight wasn’t boarding yet. 🙂

Somewhere between London and Milan British Airways lost one of Kedar’s bag (the the other was just fine though). I fit all my stuff into 1 carry on and a backpack (the price for which I paid when we had to run through the terminals!)

When we got to Milan we grabbed a bus to the central train station. We had to figure out how and where to buy tickets. Then had to figure out which train is which and which stop is which. It wasn’t that easy.

Once in Trento we had to catch a cab to the hotel becuase a were too late for the coaches I take us. It wasn’t a bad ride …for €120! After all it was an hour long cab ride. The cabs are nothing like NYC though. It was a comfortable European sedan. The diver was kicking it though. Taking tight turns like a video game and passing other motorist with aplomb. It was really fun (especially because it was a windy, pitch black road 🙂 )

When we finally got to the hotel, after 23 straight hours of traveling, we went out to a bar with Giuseppe 🙂 We’re just trying to enjoy youth while we’re young.

Skiing tomorrow, weeeeee!



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