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Day 7 – Whatever Floats Your Boat (1/2/08) January 13, 2008

Posted by Q in Friends, Travel, Wharton.

Left mountains and arrived at the floating city.

We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to hop on the 2hr coach bus down the mountain to Trento (cost €4 compared to the €120 we paid to get up in a cab!). We reached Trento in plently of time to catch the train …because the train was late. Once on the train, it was pretty smooth to Venice (although we had the wrong fare for one leg and had to pay the different on the train).

The Grand Canal greeted us as we emerged from the train station. Our hotel was nearby so we dropped our luggage off (to early to check in) and hit the bricks.

We explored the area south of the Grand Canal first. There were a host of churches and squares. The streets, as you would image, were in no way linear so we enjoyed losing ourselves and figuring out where we were and what were looking at (sometimes what we looked at already). Of course there are subtitle differences, but at first every corner, every street, every church, and every square looks exactly the same! But I quickly caught the hang of navigating.

We walked for a good bit, bopped I’m and out of some stores. Came across thus pretty cool leather store. They hand make everything. Kedar and I decided to order ourselves little leather trinkets to remember Venice. After the leather store we crossed over to the east side of the Grand Canal.

On the way home, amid the winding streets was tucked a cool little bar. The sign “Hot Sangria” drew us in from the chilly evening. The place was literally a counter and enough place for 8 people in two rows, shoulder to shoulder. It was wonderfully chill (and hit sangria is great – they warm it with the steam from the espresso machine.) We stay there for a couple drinks then headed back to our room.

A great view of Venice. Looking forward to San Marco tomorrow!



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