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Day 8 – Got Me Going In Circles (1/3/08) January 13, 2008

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We got up pretty early today and, after grabbing some espresso and croissants, hopped on the vaparetto to Campo di San Marco. It was a nice trip down the Grand Canal – took a couple pics and saw some interesting building fronts (one of my favorite sight on the ride was the DHL delivery boat – everything is a boat! 🙂 )

It was an overcast day, but San Marco’s was still gorgeous. I ran through some pigeons (wasn’t to keen on feeding them and letting them sitting on me). The square was not as big as I though but still an impressive size. After taken a few pictures Kedar and I checked out the museums.

The museums were okay. They were mildly intereting. There were some cool maps and some interesting paintings if Madonna and Child.

After the museums we went into the Basilica. It was gorgeous and ornate. We were not aloud to take photos inside but you can tell from the outside what to expect inside.

Now is time to retreat from the beaten path. We headed down along the southern coast to the Arsonale, getting purposely lost along the way. We ended up exploring the south eastern portion of Venice. It was much more residential and noticeable not manicured. It was not meant for tourists’ eyes. We had a good lunch of Italian-style spaghetti carbonara here and headed back toward the leather store to pick up our stuff.

After looking for a bit, we arrived at the store. Our stiff wasn’t ready yet, but he owner told us about a nice place to grab a bite about a 5 min walk away. It was a great experience – the one we were looking for in Venice. It was a midsized (for Venice), candle-lit place with an old feel (but apparently the place is new). The waiter/bar tender did not speak English (but did speak Spanish, which helped). We asked for something “typical” and be brought us two different preparations if a local fish (don’t remember the name). He also paired it with a cabernet sauvignon. It was quite good! So good we asked to try something else – another anything “typical.” He gave us another wine and prepared an amazing plate of small fish dishes. (He took a while – so long that we almost paid and walked out because we though he didn’t understand that we wanted more.) I regret not taking a picture of the the dish before we enjoyed it. It had two types of small fish, stuffed hot peppers, another fish mixture, some pickled young olives, seafood salad (squid, octopus, and fish) and some other peppers. All the dishes were flavorful and stood up well to the strong Malbec he paired them with. We then capped the dinner with a grappa as he suggested. Wonderful dinner.

After dinner we grabbed our stuff from the store and headed back to the hotel. We regrouped there and went off to find that bar from last night. After walking in circles for about 40mins, trying pretty much every direction off of the square we remembered, I found the path and we found the bar again.

We hung out for a while at the bar. The owner is Israeli and lived in the states for a while (better at English than Italian). We quickly became regulars – so to speak 🙂 We had a gang of drinks one round of which was on the house. It was a cheap and really fun time, but it was cut short by our hostel/hotel’s curfew at 1am.

Tomorrow its off to Rome (pretty much any road should get us there right?)



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