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Day 10 – Raining All Over The World (1/5/08) January 18, 2008

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We got up early this morning. Got to the Vatican Museum at what we thought was a head start. The line was already down the block – but it was still short compared to where it was 10 mins after we showed up (and we were told even that is short compared to the lines at peak season). Once the doors opened the line moved quickly though.Once inside we picked up the audio guides, which were very helpful and interesting. The museum is huge! We walked around inside for about 4 hours and we were booking it. The layout is a series of corridors and rooms that are connected in such a way as to funnel everyone in the same direction. At the end of the path is the Sistine Chapel. To be honest, I am not much on art. I mean I appreciate it and it’s beauty, but I don’t spend too much time starting at art work in museums. The Sistine Chapel held me for about almost half of an hour. It was gorgeous and elaborate. I had no idea it was so much more than just the creation of man bit. We couldn’t take pictures or video, but I did try to capture some pics from the panels in the court yard.

When we came out of the museum it was pouring like crazy! The rain lasted pretty much all day. We walked around to check out St. Peter’s, but didn’t want to wait in the rain to go inside. Instead we hung out for a sec in the square then sought refuge back at the hotel for a bit.

After a rest, we hit the streets again. Took in a couple more sights then stumbled on a Stanley Kubrick exhibit at a modern art museum. It was quite a fortunate find as the exhibit was showing Kubrick films. We were just in time for Spartacus. It was kind of ironic and fun watching a movie about over throwing Rome while in Rome. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hadn’t scene it before. It’s basically more love story than action movie, but very enjoyable.

After the movie we caught up with some of the people we meet in Madonna di Campiglio, Francesca and Alice, and some of their friends. We went out to Roman hotspot called Le Masion (or something like that ๐Ÿ™‚ ) . It would have been fun on another night but I was out of gas from all the walking and ready to turn in by the time we even got there. When I go back to Rome, I definitely want to check the place out again.

When we got back home I was out like a light.



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