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Day 11 – Italian Home Cooking (1/6/08) January 18, 2008

Posted by Q in Friends, Travel, Wharton.

Slept in today. Yay!

It felt good to fight a cough and the sniffles with a but of rest. We took it pretty chill today. We decided to grab one of those open-top tour buses at the train station. Even though it was raining we still tried to stay upstairs. We already saw most of the sights the bus went by, but we hadn’t see the Roman Forum yet. We got off at the old chariot race site and wondered over to the Colosseum and the Forum. It was beautiful to see the ruins, and the rain seemed to stop just so we can enjoy it.

After walking around the forum for a bit, we hopped back on bus then got off in old Roman neighborhood, Trastevere. There we walked around for a bit before meeting up with Giuseppe. It was nice to actually hang out with him in Rome. He took us to some nice local spots for some wine and later some tea.

We had already made plans to have a home cooked meal at Alice’s place. We caught cab out to the residential area. (The cab got lost – ha!) We had great, home-cooked food! Pasta, stuffed pork roll, and desert: three course of yum. 🙂 Afterward we got a ride back from Francesca, avoiding another cab fiasco.

Tomorrow we’re headed for our last Italian city.



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