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Day 12 – Oops Upside Your Dome (1/7/08) January 18, 2008

Posted by Q in Friends, Travel, Wharton.

We headed off to Florence early. We booked a room at the same hotel for when we returned so we left our big bags and packed a small bag for the overnight stay. Florence was only a 1.5 hour train, non-stop – beautiful!

We didn’t make many plans before getting to Florence so when we got in we popped into the tourist office to find a hotel. We ended up with better AND cheaper digs (granted the cheaper part might be because it is Florence). The hotel was right next to the train station so we dropped our stuff off and once again hit the bricks – I sweater Italy seemed morally adverse to asphalt.

We explored Florence in the rain covering most of the sights in the half day. Again, more churches. These had their own style as well. The Duomo was cool. I climbed to the top and saw a beautiful view of Florence: churches, small roads, a bit of countryside. The cloud cover and slight fog made it seem like the city went on forever.

For lunch we grabbed a great selection of wine and meat & cheese at a small wine bar Kedar read about. The walls were full if rare and expensive scotch as well (I immediately thought of Okwui šŸ™‚

After lunch we walked across the famous bridge with all the shops along the side of it and up a hill to a vista of the whole city. It was pretty. Unlike in the Duomo view, the cloud cover detracted from this view. We still got a couple good pics though.

The weather was still whack so we called it a night early: grabbed some food on the way home (not really hungry; still stuffed from the platter at lunch!) and watched some hotel TV movies (Norbit and Dream Girls – well only the beginning of Dream Girls for me šŸ˜‰ )



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