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Day 13 – Here Comes the Sun, Little Darling (1/8/08) January 18, 2008

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The sun of God! (and some more paints of the Son of God too 🙂 )
Today was finally sunny and clear – first fully clear day since our penultimate day in the mountains.

We hit up the Academy Museum in the morning. It’s not a big collection, but it is the house of Mikey’s David. It truly is awesome to see famous works. I never realized the size of the whole statue. I always thought it was a regular sized statue. I couldn’t get pics to show the scale, bit he was easily 14′.

After hitting up the museum, we walked around a bit more, saw the Duomo and bridge in the brilliant sunlight and broke out for Rome.

When we got back to Rome, we still had a few hours of daylight left. We swung by the hotel, freshened up a bit and when over to the Vatican again. This time we got to see St. Peter’s Square at sunset, and it was gorgeous. We also went inside the Basilica – amazing. The scale and the detail were simply amazing. I was able to get some pics inside. On the way out we also saw some of the Swiss Guard. I was hoping to see them 🙂

After getting some more photos and sending off our postcards we walked back down to Trastevere for dinner. We grabbed pizza to hold us over until dinner time, then found nice bar with a happy hour.

We walked back to our hotel, packed our stuff and got ready to head home.



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