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Iraq: From My Classmate’s Eyes January 31, 2008

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Joe Linhart graduated with me, Class of ’03. He signed up for the Army senior year and was trained and sent to war shortly thereafter. Here is an interested article on his year in Iraq that he wrote for 02138 (a Harvard-related magazine): http://www.02138mag.com/magazine/article/1676.html

One quote jumped out at me:

“People in any country have the same capacity for good and evil. It’s what makes us human. When the average Iraqi doesn’t provide information about the terrorists, it is frustrating. Then again, who reports a gang-related shooting in Los Angeles or Newark or Detroit?”

I’ve heard a lot of people (including me) say, “I don’t understand why the ‘good Iraqis’ don’t just identify the ‘bad Iraqis.'” Putting it in the context of urban America, I can better understand there reluctance to aid.

Anyway, read the article. He wrote it like he and the reader were having a conversation over a beer. There is a lot of insight that you can only get from someone who is actually on the front line. I really appreciate his sharing his experience.



1. qecurry - January 31, 2008

This is not to say that I agree with Iraqi (or urban-American) reluctance to aid.

However, I do understand that there are other factors involved that make the situation more than just: a pointed finger or a named name and poof there go the problems.

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