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That’s not smurfy February 1, 2008

Posted by Q in Random.
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Each day I receive the Wall Street Journal’s Evening Wrap email. I love the last section because it often contains the most random gems, like this one:

Short a Few Smurfs
In a crushing defeat for Croatian national pride, a bid by nearly 400 men, women and children fell short of cracking the sought-after record for “most Smurfs gathered together at one time,” British tabloid Daily Mail reported today. Some 395 people smeared themselves with blue makeup and slapped on white trousers and silly white hats for the event in a Croatian village. Apparently participants had gotten a bit of bad information, thinking that they only needed to get 291 willing to don Smurf garb in order to make history by exceeding a mark set in the U.S. Unfortunately, the record was set anew in 2007, when some 488 smurfy students at Warwick University massed in Bath, England, to etch a new highwater mark for such Smurf-themed confabs. Slipshod research seemed to be to blame. “We could easily have got more Smurfs, but we thought that over a hundred more than the American record we found on the Internet would be enough,” a dejected spokesman for the group told the Daily Mail.

Cheers. 🙂