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Memorial Day May 31, 2006

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This past Memorial Day was really chill – just what I needed. I got to spend some good time with my boy Okwui. While I really enjoy his girlfriend, Jenn, there was something nice about having a guy’s weekend 🙂 Although, I must say we are getting older: we didn’t even go out except to see X-men (a must see, btw).

Anyway, the point is: it was a relaxing, much-needed weekend away from all things estrogen 🙂

Big ups to Okes.



Panoramic Virtual Reality May 22, 2006

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Check out this site:


I am sure it’s not news to some, but I think some of the scenes are great. There are a few pictures under the news category that have sound as well so you almost feel like you are there (as best as can be expected via a computer monitor, I guess).


RE: Spring has sprung May 22, 2006

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Alas, summer is here, and spring is faded.

Spring has sprung May 13, 2006

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Awww, spring time is a fabulous time of year. 🙂


Marriage of Figaro May 11, 2006

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Hooray for opera! 🙂

Neither Adrienne nor I had been to an opera before. The Opera Company of Philadelphia is currently running Marriage of Figaro so we figure we would grab some of the cheap seats and give it a try.

I must say, I did not have high expectations for an opera, but this experience was fun by any standard. Marriage of Figaro is a witty, scandalous, and generally engaging opera. I think it was a great one to start with. For $8.50 we figured we couldn’t go wrong. Our seats were up in the rafters (eye-level with the chandelier) were we could inconspicuously nod off if it was boring. It turned out the show was great and the seats weren’t bad (if you forgive the blocked view of 1/4 of stage left).

The acts flew by! Before we knew it, we were at intermission. There were surtitles (it’s sung in Italian) but I felt like I only read them half the time. I kind of got the jist of what was going on just by watching the actors/singers (what do you call them in an opera?). By the time we got around to the forth act we had been in the theater for about 2.5 hours. It felt like we just sat down. When the opera was over, we definitely wanted to see more. 🙂

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to go to the opera – or at least go see Marriage of Figaro (I am still skeptical of some of the slower ones 😉


BTW, I now know were R. Kelly go his inspiration for Trapped in the Closet. Check out Act II of Marriage of Figaro.

Lame Duck Session (Part 3) May 11, 2006

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…and then there were four.

Yay Michaela!!

Michaela, who teaches in the public schools of NYC, served notice this morning. While sharing Molly’s, Adrienne’s, and my sentiments, she was very professional – resignation letter and all.

I am sad to see NYC schools lose such a wonderful person from their teaching ranks. It is a symptom of the larger problem, which causes such talented people to be miserable and runs them out. But that’s neither here nor there (for this post ;). In the mean time…

Congratulations Michaela!! I am so happy for you. Welcome to the flock!

So grows the NIQMJD celebration. 🙂


In other news:
I know of a few other people from my current job who will be leaving soon to pursue higher education. I can’t say who just yet, but rest assured there are more lame ducks out there waiting to join the flock.

I also know of a hyphy duckling in the Bay who is trying to be lame as soon as possible. Big ups to Driver B in the struggle. Solidarity sister! …ghostride the whip.

Now, bark like a chicken. May 10, 2006

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Do you remember that one in-class assignment in from elementary school where you are given a long list of instructions like write your name on this paper, stand on your chair, bark like a dog, flap your arms, etc? The first one was read all of the instructions before beginning, the second was write your name at the top of this paper, and the last was disregard all of the instructions except numbers 1 and 2.

There were those two kids in class who actually read the whole thing, wrote their names, and just sat quitely with a smile, watching everyone else flapping and barking. I was not one of those kids.

I just did like 1.5-2 hrs of work I didn’t have to do. If only I would have read the directions in their entirety before starting. I updated 300+ items in an excel file when the directions called for an update to only the “new” items, all 12 of them. *sigh*

Haha. Yeah, I am laughing at myself for it, so you can laugh too. It’s just one of those mornings.